Belinda Clayton (Owner of Sanjula) in Jaipur, India.


Naturally beautifully scented products created to move you. Sanjula (Hindi word for beautiful) was born out of a desire to encapsulate the wildly beautiful place that is India from the perspective of Indian design and fragrance.  


The impetus behind choosing a scented product be it a perfume, a candle, a body oil or a soap, is a desire to be taken in our imagination to another time, another place. In this sensory journey one cannot help but experience an emotion attached to the memory.  



But it does not stop there. Science has found that when in the state of imagination the physical body knows not the difference between that which it is imagining, and the actual real lived experience. There are in fact, physical benefits from being in a state of positive imagination.  


We are inspired by the desire to allow scent to take the moment of the ordinary into the extraordinary; to transport us to our most beautiful memories and experiences; to enhance our everyday living spaces by adding that most beautiful dimension of scent. 


We believe that we can take the positive psychological attributes of scent further. by continuing to work on minimising the use of artificial fragrance in our products and incorporating only the purest of essential oils into our body contact products, we believe that we can make a physical difference to not only ourselves, but to the planet.