What do I do if my candle starts to smoke?

Extinguish the flame, let the candle cool and then trim the wick as close to the wax as possible. Relight the candle and it should be a beautiful clean burn. The smoke is simply the carbon burning off the wooden wick.


Why does the flame vary in size between different burn sessions?

This is a natural organic wick and as such there are variables in the density and texture which can cause different burns from quite a high flame to a gentle smoulder. Providing you are not concerned about the size of the flame from a safety perspective, in which case extinguish it. This is perfectly normal and your candle should still emit the beautiful fragrance.


What if my candle doesn't burn to the edges?

Depending on the room temperature and draught the candle will burn at different temperatures. Ideally within the first hour of burning you should get a complete wax pool, however if it doesn't burn completely to the edge it will not affect the fragrance or wick for future burns. We recommend that candles are burnt in an open space without draught and nowhere near flammable surfaces.


What do I do if the flame starts to flicker excessively and starts to skip on to the wax?

With all the variables including the natural cedar wick, soy wax and fragrance, in the rare event that this occurs extinguish immediately and contact us. This can be caused by a number of things, the natural cedar wick has to much oxygen, for some reason the fragrances has separated from the wax on the surface which creates a highly flammable candle. Please take all precautions that you would ordinarily for an open flame, and never leave your candle burning unattended.


What if the surface of my candle gets dusty or soot residue is on the candle surface or inside of the candle jar?

We have found that baby wipes work a treat :) They are an excellent method of keeping your candle looking beautiful and clean.


What do I do if my wick moves out of centre?

Sometimes the wick can detach from the base of your jar or bowl due to the heat of the wax. If this occurs blow out your candle, wait for the wick to cool and move it back into centre before the wax hardens, and then relight.


How do I extinguish a flame that I believe to be unsafe?

Do not extinguish a candle flame with water. Water can cause hot candle wax to splatter. Another unfortunate effect could be that the instant cooling of the very hot bowl or jar could cause the vessel to crack, causing damage and potentially spreading the flame. 

The best way to extinguish an unsafe flame and burning wax is by restricting the amount of oxygen around the flame. You must do this by either using a fire blanket (wet towel, or equivalent) or if the flame is too large for a fire blanket, use a fire extinguisher.


If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us because we want you to maximise your enjoyment of your beautiful Sanjula candle.