How to care for your SANJULA candle.


When lighting your candle, ensure the wick is trimmed to no longer than 3mm tall. Do this prior to every burn. (This applies to woodwicks and cotton wicks).


Let the candle burn for a minimum of 2 hours or until the melt pool of wax has melted to the edges of the vessel. This will ensure your candle retains its smooth surface for the next light.


Should the wick extinguish soon after initial light, re-light a couple of times to get it going. Initially the flame will be quite tall, however, within a few minutes the flame should diminish in height.


During the burn, the woodwick flame can vary in size from quite tall to a slow smoulder - this is normal.


If you are concerned about the height of the flame, blow out and let the candle reset fully. Re-light after checking that the candle is not sitting in a draft and that the wick is no more than 3mm tall.


Candles do require caution and awareness of the associated risks so please ensure safety precautions are adhered to.




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