In our pursuit of distinct and unique fragrance experiences, we spend several weeks a year in India, visiting fragrance developers and essential oil distillers. We have watched the chemists at work and sampled thousands of different fragrant and essential oils.


We find that the oils made by our Indian suppliers have a certain depth not found locally. This depth is not just the depth of scent, but the actual viscosity of these oils is heavy and rich – and they remind me of maple syrup – thick, resinous and incredibly alluring.


There is also an earthy undertone to all of these scents that we particularly enjoy. The citruses are crisper, the florals are deeper and more vibrant and the woods are oh so dirty – we love them.


Sometimes we blend a selection of oils together, and other times we are satisfied with the oil in itself We get extremely excited when developing our own blends – because nine out of ten times, we quite unwittingly find our best sellers are in fact, blends made up of top, base & middle notes – there is a definite sense of wholeness and completeness to these blends. Our signature scent FEU DE CAMP (also sold as EMBERS) is one such creation.



CORE RANGE Light and uplifting scents



Elegant and clean, a quintessential blend of oriental bamboo and the wild frangipani of India.

TOP: sweet lime, ginger lily

HEART: wild frangipani

BASE: amber, japanese bamboo



A calming fragrant blend of bamboo foliage mixed with peony and jasmine.

TOP: mandarin

HEART: peony

BASE: jasmine & bamboo



A zesty fragrant blend of exotic kaffir lime with sweet citrus orange and native green sandalwood.

TOP: lime, sweet orange

HEART: orange blossom, bergamot

BASE: sandalwood, indian amber



A citrus and tropical blend with a smooth base of coconut and vanilla, topped off with lemongrass and lime.

TOP: lime, lemongrass

HEART: frangipani, white ginger

BASE: coconut, vanilla



Clean fresh notes of driftwood on a salty shore.

TOP: salt

HEART: sage

BASE: wood, musk



Totally intoxicating, this blend is mysterious, complex and intense - a synergy of nag champa, patchouli and jasmine.

TOP: jasmine

HEART: and patchouli

BASE: liquid amber & musk



A delicate & clean fragrance that combines cucumber, bergamot and jasmine with a hint of lime.

TOP: lime zest & mandarin

HEART: basil & cucumber

BASE: jasmine



Green and woody, turkish rose is soft and gentle as it does not contain the musk base note. It blends beautifully with the intoxicating essence of the Indian champa flower. 

TOP: sweet orange blossom

HEART: turkish rose, indian champa

BASE: rose wood, mahogany



PREMIUM XL JAR RANGE - Sophisticated and evocative scents



This scent is oriental and woody, unabashedly masculine. Be transported to the pre-dinner mingle of the formally attired. Base notes of pepper and cedarwood ground this experience with a hint of sandalwood to ensure this scent is as memorable as a simmering encounter.



An intoxicating allure of spicy baked stone fruit grounded in the ambient lingering of campfire embers with fruity top notes of lemon peel. 



Long time romance and contentment. This scent is a captivating floral fragrance built upon a wooded foundation with an ever so subtle note of vanilla bean and coffee.



Stunning, like Bollywood’s Aishwarya Rai, this scent exudes glamour, soft and sensual. The base notes of patchouli and spice are tempered with the greenness of a newly flowering Arabian rose. Mid notes of floral blooms are topped with very subtle notes of neroli.



Stroll lightly through an eastern fragrant garden and be delighted by the sweet musky scent of Arabian florals. This scent is a smooth blend of florals, amber and a whisk of honey.



First light of day and a slow hike through early dew-covered foliage. Fresh, green and crisp, verdure is a stunning scent that embodies the scent of crushed green leaves of a forest floor. Green florals are at the heart of this scent, topped with a complex blend of citrus notes.



Heavy and intoxicating, this aromatic scent is a complex aromatic combination of oudh, frankincense and myrrh. The heavy resinous character of this fragrance is mirrored in the intensity of this sweet and woody balsamic scent. It is ancient and exotic. 



For the lover of wood, this scent is based on the dark and resinous woody notes of ancient oudh. It is dry and light, and reminiscent of freshly sawed timber. it evokes images of chesterfield lounges, libraries and antiquity.